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Our Education Committee works hard to make sure the best educational materials are available within the park. Please browse around the materials below.

If there is something specific you have questions about or you are interested in joining our committee, please reach out to the Education Committee Chair, Lizz Flowers at lizzflowers@ocriverpark.org.

Online Resources Compiled for Educators, Parents, Students, & Community Members

We’re committed to educating our community about the OCRP and the underlying scientific, cultural, and historical forces that make it what it is today. We’ve compiled resources for educators, students, parents, and community members to learn in and outside of the OCRP.

Resources for all levels

Resources for grades K-3

Resources for grades 4-5

Resources for grades 6-8

Resources for grades 9-12

Resources for the AP/college level


Our Ecology & Habitats

Our park is unlike that of any other — we maintain a thousand acre-stretch of contiguous wetland, upland, and riparian habitats with trails adjacent to the Newport Bay and the lower Santa Ana River.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Flowers.

Our Wildlife

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Our Geology

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Photo courtesy of the US Geological Survey (https://pubs.usgs.gov/of/1999/of99-172/sanana2.pdf) from ‘Preliminary Digital Geologic Map of the Santa Ana 30’ x 60’ Quadrangle, Southern California Version 2.0’ Compiled by D.M. Morton

Our History

To read the full history of the Orange Coast River Park please go to our Earth Day PDF here.

Photo courtesy Orange County Archives.

US Coast Survey Maps of California T SHeet

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